I am a Hatha and Buti certified yoga instructor in the Boone, NC area. My goal is to provide support for women and their families in the Triangle area through the yoga practice.

Letting Go

Letting Go

“Autumn shows us just how beautiful letting go can be.”

If I am living proof of any semi-cheesy statement right now, this is it. I have let go and been forced to let go of so much this season that it almost feels like I have nothing left. Yogi goals of detachment for the win?!

When used in quotation or on a motivational poster, letting go sounds wonderful. Like a successful garage sale or one of those sticky pore cleaning strips; we get rid of all the nasty, used stuff that no longer serve us (another over-used yogi quote) and keep all the good, useful things we love. Beautiful. For many, life rarely works out that way.

More often, we are asked to let go of things we still want. Or people we still love. Rarely are our lives so black and white that letting go is effortless and totally freeing. Letting go becomes something that is painful and sometimes to be dreaded. Like ending a once beautiful but now toxic relationship, or leaving a home you love for other opportunities. These losses severely challenge us on many levels, one of them being that we chose to let go. We did this to ourselves and now we are struggling to find the beauty.

Part of the struggle comes from these mixed emotions. We’re happy and sad, relieved and nostalgic, excited and scared. And we think we shouldn’t be. We push away or bury the “bad” emotions like sadness and fear and never give ourselves the chance to feel or deal with our loss. We are human beings with complicated emotions, we were never meant to be only or feel only “good” things. The key is to fully feel the emotions as they come up, whatever they might be. Acknowledge the feeling and what it might mean and then let it pass on when ready. This is where the beauty in letting go comes from. Acknowledging and then accepting your emotions eventually becomes accepting and loving your self. Beautiful.



Pain from the Past

Pain from the Past